United for Puerto Rico announces appointment of its Executive Director

San Juan, Puerto Rico, October 27, 2017 – Aurelio Alemán, chairman of the Board of Directors of United for Puerto Rico, a private non-profit organization, established under the laws of Puerto Rico and after the Hurricane Irma, recently named Mariely Rivera, as Executive Director of the organization.

In her role as Executive Director, Rivera will have the responsibility of leading the coordination of the processes of governance, decision making and identification of projects aligned to the mission of United for Puerto Rico. As the main link between the community, the government and the private sector, she will ensure the transparency of all the processes related to the granting of donations, so that they comply with the ethical and transcendental aspects of the organization. At the same time, she will serve as a link between United for Puerto Rico and its social allies.

Rivera, educator with more than 17 years of experience in the sector and non-profit organizations, has been in charge as Executive Director of important nonprofit organizations as Fundación Chana & Samuel Levis and Sapientis. In both organizations, her approach was distinguished by the development of important initiatives of learning and leadership.

In her career she has had many achievements, the direction of the educational communication area of Diálogo, the University of Puerto Rico newspaper. Worked as Vice President of the University of Sacred Heart, where she reorganized the institutional intelligence area, external resources, and student service. Also, she had under her responsibility leading processes of strategic planning, seeking of external funds, creation of working groups and the administration of federal and private funds, from foundations and corporations. In addition, she has several professional certifications and she’s an active member of the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers (NNCG).

“United by Puerto Rico aims to provide aid to those affected by the impact of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. With Mariely in the direction of the organization, we will strengthen the efforts between private sector, government and nonprofit organizations for the coordination of the priorities, resources and aids after the last atmospheric events,” said Alemán.

Those interested in donating or submitting their proposals for review, can visit www.unidosporpuertorico.com. The submittals will be reviewed and approved each week by the Board.

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