Roof repair in Caimito and Playita

United for Puerto Rico granted nearly half of the $200,000 investment made by Global Communities, Partners for Good, to repair 200 roofs in Caimito and Playita.

Eleven volunteers from Global Communities evaluated 252 homes in both communities for structural damage. Among the homes screened, 51 were headed by single women with children, 66 were elderly and 23 homes had sick or disabled residents. 

The nonprofit organization hired three licensed Puerto Rican architects and 12 construction workers in Puerto Rico to install 150 tarps or zinc roof kits.  In addition, they distributed 50 tarps to families who were able to protect their belongings from the weather.

Global Communities, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, also distributed 200 cleaning kits and educational brochures on how to clean the mold. They also donated 5,000 liters of water and six boxes of Ready-To- Eat Meals to the most vulnerable homes, where there was no potable water or access to nutritional meals.

“Support to Maria Survivors is an integrated, community-driven solution that borrows from past and current Global Communities efforts for relief and recovery from a natural disaster,” said Global Communities President and CEO David Weiss. He added that, “we are grateful to Unidos for Puerto Rico for their very substantial funding and are pleased to partner with them in this vital work to help vulnerable families meet their shelter needs.”

In its final report, Global Communities explained that they had difficulty finding volunteers to commit the hours needed to carry out the project.  The work was also affected by incessant rains in the weeks following María.  Due to the rains, the project was halted temporarily due to the prevalence of unsafe conditions. Finally, Global Communities was able to complete the work.

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