Moving to the Beat of United for Puerto Rico

Mercy and Britton Struthers, mother and daughter, both residents of Chantilly, near Dulles Airport in northern Virginia, were moved to act by the images and news of the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. They came up with an original music and dance event they called Wepa! Thon Dance for Puerto Rico.

The fundraising event was based on the music and dance of Puerto Rico, bomba, plena and even Zumba Puerto Rican style.  They targeted an audience of $250 with a contribution of $15.  With the help of friends in public relations, they designed a logo for the event and issued a press release, secured musicians and convinced their church to lend them the locale for the dance-a-thon.

To their surprise, 450 adults turned up for the event, not counting children.  To the beat of drums and the pandero, they were able to collect $12,660.65 for United for Puerto Rico.  Many of those in attendance are members of the Puerto Rican community residing in northern Virginia and DC.  Thanks for raising funds for Puerto Rico’s recovery.

icrossingAdminMoving to the Beat of United for Puerto Rico