Provide assistance to individuals and small businesses devastated by Hurricanes Irma and María accelerating their recovery by supporting the reestablishment of their home, food & to satisfy their needs of shelter, food and health to help rebuild their lives, communities and Puerto Rico.

Main objectives of United for Puerto Rico:

1. Provide immediate aid to those with the greatest needs with the goal of meeting their basic needs, food, and health in coordination with institutions and FEMA and complementing the efforts of these and federal benefits available through FEMA.

2. Collaborate with NGO’s dedicated to serve the key groups identified in our mission since these entities have the structure, experience and capacity to be  more efficient in this endeavor.

3. Assist small business in communities with financial aid to help them resume operations.

4. Provide information on available federal assistance programs to the public in generaland facilitate that the greatest number of individuals who quality for aid programs apply for available aid to leverage all the help that can be garnered for those in need.

Letter from the Board of Directors

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