Small Businesses Generator Program

  • To be eligible for the fund, small businesses:

    – Must be a retail establishment
    – Must be registered with the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury
    – Must be solely-owned; not part of a franchise system
    – Cannot have revenues that exceed $1 million annually

  • Process for applying:

    – Business must complete and sign application provided by the Small Business Relief and Recovery Fund
    – Completed application must be submitted to and verified by the funding organization
    – Funding organization will verify that applicant is registered with the PR Department of Treasury
    – Only funding organizations will approve businesses for receipt of equipment
    – No cash grants will be provided for equipment; no equipment substitutions
    – Funding organization will coordinate purchase and delivery of equipment to approved business
    – Priority will be given to small merchants that accept Tarjeta de la Familia and are part of the WIC program

  • Use of equipment by business:

    – The 7,500 watts power generator must be utilized at physical location of the retail establishment
    – Owner assumes responsibility for any and all maintenance & care of equipment
    – Owner assumes responsibility for fuel costs to run equipment
    – Businesses may only submit one application for equipment provided by the Small Business Relief and Recovery Fund

  • Liability:

    – Equipment will be provided based on availability
    – Funding organization assumes no liability for business disruption or loss of revenue due to equipment
    – The equipment will be provided as a charitable donation and no consideration or commitment will be required in return. No one will be required to pay, to make business, or to buy goods or services from the donor, its sponsors or any other related entity in exchange for the equipment


Retail certification number:

EBT retail certification number (ADSEF)

WIC retail certification number

Annual revenue:

 Less than $100,000   $100,000 - $500,000   $500,000 - $1,000,000  

Independent / family owned business:

 Yes   No  

Describe type of business:

 Restaurant   Grocery   Pharmacy   Hardware / Supplies   Bakery / Cafeteria   Other (Provide details)  

 I certify all the information above to be accurate and true; and that I am authorized to submit this application and participate in the Small Business Relief and Recovery Fund (the Fund) on behalf of the stated business. I further certify that the generator received from the fund will be used for the sole purpose of restoring electrical power to the stated business. Upon receipt, the generator is the property of the stated business which will be responsible for maintenance and proper care; and the fund holds no liability on its use.

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